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It is possible for you to get termite treatment if your home is built on a slab as opposed to having a crawl space. If your home doesn’t have a basement, chances are good that it was built on a concrete slab. Termite treatment for a slab home ideally should be done during construction. Holes should be drilled into the slab itself and a pesticide injected into the holes so that once the house is constructed, there’s little chance that termites can get in and start damaging your home.

Post-construction termite treatment for a slab home, however, is possible. It is possible to trench around the outside of a slab after it has been poured, but this alone usually will not give satisfactory termite control because the termite colony may be entering the structure from the soil under the slab. You see, slab will crack or shrink away from the foundation wall allowing termites to infest the wood above. In addition, concrete slabs usually have many other points of entry such bath traps, plumping outlets, etc.

Termite treatment for slab construction requires a lot of time and labor. Slab construction often will require precise drilling to block all termite entry points. Slabs must be drilled vertically along all cracks and construction joints at 12-inch intervals and no more than 6 inches from the foundation. The soil below the slab must be treated from the bottom of the slab to the top of the footing. This method of drilling and treating is also used for dirt-filled porches and stress cracks sometimes found in slabs.

It is also very important to treat the soil underneath your home because termites lay their eggs in the soil. Once the eggs are hatched, they live in the soil and burrow underneath your structure until they are ready to feed and make their way to the top and into the wood. Application of the pesticide – called termiticide – can be done in a variety of ways and establishes a barrier that will keep the termites away from the wood that constructs your home or building.

Termite treatment for a slab home, as we’ve said, should ideally be done before the structure is built. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done to keep termites away. Contact a pest control professional and let them know that you want to have termite treatment for your slab home. They will not only be happy to come out and inspect your home for damage, but they will be able to develop a pest control treatment program that you can follow to be sure that your structure remains termite free!

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