Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation T200577

Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation T200577

Looking for that thermostat made for the smartphone generation? Look no further as Nest has launched its second generation learning thermostat that will compliment your smartphone. We all know that thermostats control about half of your energy bill. Pretty much your refrigerator, TV, computers and stereo components combined. Lots of energy is wasted in cooling or heating your home, more is wasted if it is empty.
Learning thermostats are programmable to keep you from overspending on your electric bills. However, some learning thermostats in the market can only save up to 11 percent and most of them are too hard to use. Nest thermostats are able to give you the best of both worlds, saving while giving you ease of use.
The next generation of Nest learning thermostat comes with a slimmer and newer design. It is programmed to turn off when you are out of the house. This learning thermostat can be controlled anywhere using your smartphone from any part of the house. This will give you about 20 percent savings on your energy bill.
Just connect the learning thermostat to your home wi-fi and use your laptop or smartphone to control it. You can change the temperature, adjust settings and schedules and you can also see how much energy you have been using all in a unique package.
A 10-day detailed history can be retained on your device as Nest can send you a monthly email detailing your energy report and gives you tips on how to conserve energy. The Nest app supports various secure data and proven to be reliable and private.
One thing about this thermostat is that it can be personalized. It gives you reminders on when to change your filters. Filter change enhances the performance of your air conditioning. A clean filter is said to lower your air conditioning bill up to five percent per month. Another unique feature is the exclusive Heat Pump Balance that brings down the need of using auxiliary heat. Choose the settings if you want more savings or more comfort the balance and the balance will adjust it automatically, sweet!
The learning thermostat gives you a predictable heating schedule which eases out the frustration of guessing when to set the temperature. The easy install feature making installation a breeze and done with under half an hour.
For a thermostat $250 is quite a burden on the wallet. It does not have an anti-freeze temperature setting so don’t look for it. There are also issues with the motion sensor especially on high traffic areas in the house. It takes some time for it to learn so be patient.
A lot of people have attested that the second generation one has less sensitivity compared to the older generation. It is also important to determine if your router is compatible because it will drain the thermostat’s battery quickly.
If you have extra cash to buy a fancy yet moderately effective thermostat, then go buy this one. This is a must for those who want to slash their energy bill. The savings that you will get from this unit will eventually pay for the investment. If you are patient that the unit indeed learns from your pattern then it should not be an issue. Most of the complaints come from the other features of the thermostat. If you are buying a device that will make your bill go down, this is a must buy.

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