Holiday Decorating

Ahh… the holidays. You either love them or you dread them. Some holidays, we could certainly live without. No matter if you love them or hate them, there is still the sense of spirit that goes along with them. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll see holiday decorating taking place no matter what season it happens to be. In October, you’ll encounter the scariest of decorations in existence. In December, you’ll see the dazzles of twinkling lights and the air is filled with the scent of pine. In the spring, you’ll see an Easter bunny hopping around. No matter what time of the year, holiday decorating is all around us.

Some people tend to go a lot crazier than the next person when it comes to holiday decorating. They decorate their trees, porches, yards and inside of their homes with everything imaginable. People walk or drive by their houses and wonder what kind of crazy person lives there. And excess holiday decorating doesn’t mean that people are crazy, it could just mean that they enjoy the holidays as much as possible.

The most decorated holiday is, of course, Christmas. Pine trees are sold in parking lots, twinkling lights appear on the outdoor shrubberies and candles are placed in windows. Ornaments are cautiously hung on tiny branches, stockings are hung and the mall intercoms blurt out Christmas carols to the bustling shoppers. There is no doubt about it, holiday decorating peaks in December. You can walk through any department store and find a million different types of decorations to purchase. Some people will spend hundreds of dollars every season to purchase new items for their holiday decorating. Others will reuse the previous year’s decorations. Then there are the people who will stroll through those holiday aisles at their local department stores and admire all of the glamorous decorations. They’ll laugh at the prices and head to their local thrift or art stores. They’ll buy the supplies, head home and make their own holiday decorations. If you’re not the least bit creative, this idea is definitely not something that you will find appealing. But, if you like the idea of creating something unique and priceless, it just may be a great idea. It also, may be a great idea for gift giving as well. Creating handmade ornaments always make excellent gifts for family and friends. By creating unique holiday decorating items, you just made gift giving a whole lot easier. And, this doesn’t just hold true for Christmas. This can be for any holiday. There are always decorating ideas that can be created for an occasion, as holiday decorating will always exist. You know what they say – if you can’t beat them, join them!

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