Dread Moving? Tips to Help You Move Smartly

On the list of life’s biggest stress-inducers, moving is right up there near the top. We all hate it: the last-minute rush to pack your possessions into boxes; the dread that you won’t remember the “safe” place where you put your valuables; the inevitable breakage and leakage.

But moving doesn’t have to be a blood pressure booster. Here are some tips for a low-stress move, from the experts at Pak Mail:

* Plan strategically. Yes, you do need to think about logistics before the day you move. Make an inventory of your possessions and make three mental “piles”: stuff you need daily, stuff you need access to weekly or monthly and stuff for long-term storage.

* Label logically. Mark every box A, B or C, based on the three categories above. Include the month and year and a note as to the contents. If they are fragile, say so.

* Pack carefully. Don’t use newspaper – try bubble wrap or foam wrap instead. Don’t overpack or underpack, and use protective tape and lots of padding for framed pieces and other artwork. And don’t pack flammables; they can easily overheat and explode.

Also, place irreplaceable items such as photos, legal documents and jewelry in a special box to take with you separately during the move.

* Move smartly. Move bookcases, desks, cabinets and utility shelves first. That way, you’ll have somewhere to put the stuff you unpack.

Unpack the “A” boxes immediately. This includes that special box you brought separately. Put the “B” boxes in the appropriate room and deal with them the following weekend. Stick all the “C” boxes in the garage, a back room or just in a corner. Deal with “C” later.

* Get help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might consider seeking help from a packing and shipping center. After all, the pros know how to safely pack or crate your precious heirlooms, artwork and furniture to minimize the risk of damage.

For example, Pak Mail centers will pack, crate and ship virtually anything, anywhere – even bulky, hard-to-pack items. There are more than 400 Pak Mail centers nationwide, offering a variety of services and packing supplies.

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