Ceramic tile Over Tile: Radiant Heated Bathroom Floor

Ceramic tile over ceramic tile implies specifically just what it claims, however in this instance you’re mosting likely to sandwich a layer of radiant heat floor coverings in between the old as well as the brand-new floor tile. Floor tile over ceramic tile is a very easy means to prevent the mess related to wrecking the old shower room flooring, yet needs detailed preparation.


Prior to you mount a glowing warmth floor covering over the old washroom ceramic tile and also mount brand-new floor tile over the floor covering, you ought to inspect the flooring for deflection. Ceramic ceramic tile is tough as well as will certainly remove or damage if the surface area flexes under the lots.

Stand in the center of the washroom flooring and also lift as well as down. , if the flooring relocates it has a deflection issue and also is not a great prospect for ceramic tile over floor tile setup till you strengthen the sub-floor.


Stay clear of That Sinking Feeling:

Given that you’re tiling over ceramic tile, you need to prepare ahead of time to stay clear of making the bathtub, commode and also vanity resemble they’re “sinking” right into the brand-new flooring.

Several of the brand-new glowing home heating floor coverings are no thicker compared to the deepness of the mortar you would usually use for many ceramic tile setups. Integrate this with a ceramic tile density of 1/4 inch as well as the optimum altitude over the old flooring would certainly be just 1/2 inch.

One method to maintain the shower room components from looking engulfed by the brand-new flooring is to re-install the wall as well as eliminate. Even better, why deny brand-new wall ceramic tile to enhance the brand-new flooring?

The elevated elevation of the brand-new flooring will certainly likewise need you to readjust the size of the door( s) and also potentially set up a brand-new limit.

Prep work:

Get rid of or re-attach busted floor tile items. Wait till the flooring has actually been fined sand and also extensively vacuumed prior to you fill up the areas with mortar if you eliminate them.

If any one of the floor tiles have checks broader compared to 1/8″, you ought to take into consideration a fracture seclusion membrane layer. This membrane layer is a roll on item that you put on the old ceramic tile. The membrane layer enables the brand-new flooring to relocate separately of the old.

Next off, sand the old ceramic tile so the mortar has an excellent bonding surface area. A belt sander would certainly make certain a regular bonding surface area.

Please ensure you put on a face mask and also shatterproof glass while fining sand. The floor tiles might have been discharged with poisonous lead polish.

After fining sand, clean and also vacuum the floor tile with an all objective cleaner. Pay unique focus on the locations untouched by the sander.


Present the floor coverings erected to your specs by the supplier. Some glowing systems, like Quickmat, are self-adhesive as well as need no mortar to safeguard them to the old floor tile flooring.

Maintain some scrap as well as a board 2 x 4’s helpful to safeguard the floor coverings when the restroom is being utilized if you’re re-tiling the only shower room.

Throughout the setup procedure, utilize an electronic ohm meter to examine the resistance of the home heating floor coverings. This will certainly assist you keep track of the floor coverings for brief circuits.

Have your electrical contractor link the home heating floor coverings to the source of power as well as set up the thermostat. Depending upon the neighborhood electric examination treatments, you could need to wait till the work is examined prior to you begin laying ceramic tile.

Trowel out the mortar over the floor coverings. Some producers suggest latex- changed or epoxy-modified mortar and also cement rather than water-based multi-purpose adhesives. Mortar beds thicker compared to 3/8 inch must function great for a lot of systems; they simply take a little longer to warm up.

Considering that you will not be covering the whole flooring with home heating floor coverings, see to it the mortar used over open locations, (under the commode) is degree with the mortar protected floor coverings.

Do not bang the trowel on the floor covering or home heating cable to eliminate excess mortar from the trowel. This might cut the home heating cord.

At this moment, you would certainly lay the ceramic tile. Technique on your next-door neighbor’s restroom flooring if you have no experience tiling.

Fire It Up!

Your brand-new glowing warmed shower room flooring looks lovely and also you cannot wait to obtain cozy feet. Do not place the system right into complete procedure up until the mortar is totally treated.

Prior to you mount a glowing warmth floor covering over the old restroom ceramic tile as well as set up brand-new floor tile over the floor covering, you need to examine the flooring for deflection. Ceramic floor tile is tough and also will certainly remove or damage if the surface area flexes under the tons. If any of the ceramic tiles have checks larger compared to 1/8″, you ought to take into consideration a fracture seclusion membrane layer. This membrane layer is a roll on item that you use to the old ceramic tile. Your brand-new glowing warmed washroom flooring looks gorgeous and also you can not wait to obtain cozy feet.

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